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Ulm is located in southern Germany in Baden-Württemberg, close to Bayern. Ulm is known as a science and university city with about 121 500 inhabitants in Germany. Nearest large cities are Augsburg and München in the southeast and Stuttgart in the Northwest.

The urban area of Ulm is divided into 18 districts. In 1970 local councils were established in the districts. They deal with the important matters concerning the districts. The final decision is left to the City Council of Ulm. The different parts of the city have a wide range of attractions that should be visited on a city tour.

Ulm is a city with a long and interesting history, where many events took place, as the birth of Albert Einstein on 14 March 1879 in today's Bahnhofstrasse.

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Ulm sightseeing

The Ulm Münster
The Ulm Münster is the main church of the previous imperial city of Ulm, which was built in Gothic style. It is an evangelical church, which was built until the end of the 19th Century. From the originally built as a Catholic church cathedral, the Ulm Münsterthe became the largest Protestant church in the world after the Reformation in Ulm. The Ulm Münster belonged for centuries to the city of Ulm. It was not until 1894 that Munster went out to the property of the whole evangelical church in Ulm.

The 161.53 meter-high tower is the tallest church tower in the world. The entrance is on the market place and admission is free. If you would like to visit the tower, you can make this cheap (you will have to pay 2.50 Eur). The interior is truly impressive and beautiful and has space for 2,000 people.
Town hall
The old town hall in Ulm is one of the most beautiful buildings in this city. In 1370 it was first built as a department store and became town hall of Ulm only in 1419. Today it is a most prestigious building and administrative headquarters of the municipal or city government.

The building has a light pink color and falls through the beautiful decoration on special. On the facade you will find a variety of frescoes, the oldest frescoes was made from the artist M. Schaffner in 1540. 1944 the town hall burns, the damage was not restored until today. On the facade impresses the beautiful astronomical clock, which actually comes from the 1520.
Kunsthalle Weishaupt
The Kunsthalle Weishaupt is the jewel in the middle between town hall and the Cathedral. It expands Ulm and represents the modern city of Ulm. The building is 91 meters long and clean yet elegant. Its hall is glazed. But the most beautiful sight offers itself in the dark. The 16-meter-high glass front shines and shows the works of art which are there . Via a glass bridge, several meters above the road, the Kunsthalle Weishaupt is connected with the Ulmer Museum.

The Kunsthalle Weishaupt includes a private collection of modern art in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The opening of the building took place after completion of work on 24 November 2007.
Ulm museum
The Ulm museum is a museum of art, archeology, city or cultural history, which was built in 1924. Among his exhibitions, the collection includes archaeological finds from the Pre-and Early History of the Ulm area, painting and sculpture of the late Gothic period from Ulm and Upper Swabia, crafts, 16 to 19 Century, skilled trades, guilds and history.

In the new home of the Ulmer museum you can see the collection from Kurt Fried, that he has handed over to the museum in 1978. The new house is distinguished by its brightness, the white walls and some glass floors. Here you can see over 400 exhibits that are known as the works of art of the 20th Century . Important artists of the museum are Roy Lichtenstein, Frank Stella and Yves Klein.

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